Sample Stand Info

A dissatisfied customer becomes a lost opportunity

In your shop, a customer usually searches for a good quality product and effective, efficient service. Fulfilling the customer's needs as well as exceeding all their expectations will assure success

It is important to differenciate your shop in a market that is saturted with colors and textures... to have a notable presence at the point of sale... to stand out with elegance and practicality.

Our sample stand fabrics will help you have a wide collection of fashionable textile products... 2000 swatches in 95 collections of different fabrics for upholstery, draperies, bedding and other home decor. The cart is a modern avant-garden piece of furniture in Wood finish with a safety glass top. The cart is useful and handy thanks to its mobility as well as its size. The cart is an essential element in your shop enabling you to offer your customers a great variety of fabrics, taking up the least amount of space and with no need for inventary.

sample stand